Luke (Howie) Howarth was born in Avalon on the 15th of August 1970. He was introduced to surfing at the age of 2 and started to compete at age 10.  Luke shaped his first surfboard at the age of 14. Around that same time Luke got to watch local shapers do there thing and before he knew it, at age 19 had a planer in his hands and knew that shaping surfboards was for him. Luke continued to shape in his spare time and work as a carpenter to pay for materials then in the Winter of 92, Luke travelled to japan where he lived for 6 months and not only got the chance to shape boards but learned all about the process of making surfboards from start to finish. While learning what was to be his future, Luke was surfing in contests and traveling around japan learning about the culture and the language which inspired him, the following year he went back to Japan and spent another 6 months surfing, competing, traveling, shaping and learning the language.  During this 2 year period Luke got the chance to work with some of the best shapers in the business, Kazumi Nakamura, Eric Arakawa, Chris McElroy, Peter Daniels (Sth Africa), Greg Clough (Aloha Surfboards) and Matthew Haymes. He continued to travel to Spain, Reunion Island, America and continually back to Japan every year since gaining experience and a reputation as a respected international shaper in the industry, shaping surfboards for for the likes of Martin Potter, Tom Carroll, Lisa Anderson, Chris Malloy, Kohno Masakazu (zuccho) and Tomo Yoshikawa to name but a few.

These days Luke can be found running Akurate Industries in Mona Vale, NSW and programming the latest pre shaping machine the AKU shaper.  Akurate Industries machines boards for Channel Islands, Insight Surfboards, Stacey Surfboards, Warner Surfboards, Christiaan Bradley, Mark Phipps (Quiksilver Boards), Gnech and Wilde Longboards plus others, along with his own boards for CHP Surfboards Australia by Howie.

Luke has a total understanding of the AKU Shaper designing program, along with 20 years of hand shaping, Luke has the knowledge of what makes a surfboard work.

If you are interested in a new custom surfboard please email chp@chpsurfboards.com.au or call 0414 388 881 or would like your boards machined by Akurate Industries please email info@akurateindustries.com.au or call 02 9979 4828