Aku Shaper


The Aku Shaping Machine is a CNC cutter with user-friendly surfboard design software.
The machine can cut many different designs of short boards, retros, mini mals, guns, malibus, stand up paddle boards, nipper, racing and surf rescue paddle boards.The software can copy any type of board design.

Akurate Industries Pty Ltd is a surfboard cutting service in Mona Vale NSW which has the latest version of the Aku Shaper Shaping Machine.

Akurate Industries services the following companies – Channel Islands (Al Merrick ), Insight Surfboards (Matt Penn ), Warner Surfboards (Brett Warner ), Bradley Surfboards ( Christiaan Bradley ), Stacey Surfboards (Lee Stacey ), Vampiret Surfboards (Mark Gnech ) Wilde Surfboards (Sean Wilde), Simmo Surfboards QLD and Orbit Designs (Shane Forbes) in Sth Oz.

With over 8 years designing surfboards using shaping software and 4 years operating the Aku Shaping machine, Akurate Industries guarantees to produce the highest quality cut blanks in Australia with a promise to always deliver on time.

Akurate Industries put all their operators through extensive training programs to assure they carry on the same high levels of quality cutting and a total understanding of the Aku Shaping Machine.

If you are interested in Akurate Industries cutting blanks for you or your company or would like some tuition on how to use the surfboard design software please contact Luke Howarth 0414 388 881.

The Aku Shaper surfboard shaping machine has been designed with custom production the priority. This does not mean it has problems with mass production, just the opposite. It is able to output 3.5 to 4 standard short boards per hour, be it four of the same or four individual custom boards.

The Aku Shaper uses an Industrial quality motion controller with high quality AC brushless servo motors and drives. Over ¾ of a million of these controllers are in use throughout the world today so service and support is available wherever your location. We cannot over emphasize the importance of using a controller that has this type of worldwide support. Along with performance considerations, this was a major reason for us changing to this higher quality and more serviceable controller.


  • Reverse direction of cutter for clean cutting on EPS and PU foam and more symmetrical cutting on all boards
  • Elimination of the nose and tail wings due to a more efficient spatial rearrangement of the machine
  • Auto-Oiling – no more getting dusty in the morning before you cut any boards while the machine stays fully lubricated
  • Lifted Machine – new machine is higher off the ground. No more bending over when loading and unloading.
  • Better stringer alignment – new laser setup with cutting file improvements, provides better symmetry and a much better workaround with blanks with less than straight stringers
  • Simple and efficient machine design – anywhere from the cutting motion to the placement of belts, the simple design
  • of the machine makes it easy to figure out its operation and service
  • All steel construction – greater stability and less vibration
  • No blank distortion due to unique holding mechanism
  • Fast blank loading
  • Handles max 12′ blanks on standard machine (13′ blanks on extended machine)
  • Handles max 33″ width blank sizes
  • Easily adjustable for different blank sizes
  • Diamond tip high tensile tungsten steel cutter
  • 3.5 – 4 surfboards per hour with standard finish
  • Industrial quality controller with custom machine interface
  • AC brush less servo motors
  • Board positioning within blank on screen (minimal cutting depth in deck)
  • All cutting parameters within design program on screen
  • Can cut flat, V, convex, concave, winger, stinger and so on
  • Flush stringer cut
  • Board finish over 95%
  • Rail can be cut to 98% (slight botttom edge is left)
  • Minimal maintenance requirement.