Harrison Vann

Harrison Vann
Hatched: 22/08/1991
Interest: Surfing, Snowboarding, Skating, Wood turning.
Favorite spots: Nth AV, Wedge and crosswaves.
The Quiver: At the moment 5’6’’ Pro Bitch, 5’11’’ (H-1), 6’4’’ Guns ‘n’ Roses

I have just started riding Howie’s boards in the last few months and have been stoked on the way they are going. The improvement from the very first board we did to the board under my feet now has been massive. We have been working on the “H-1” and getting the volumes right for me. The board now feels amazing, super quick, has a lot of drive but I am still able to do tight turns in the pocket and throw some tail.
I think Howie has a massive advantage over other shapers as he owns his own Aku Shaping Machine. When he designs a board he understand exactly how it will come of the machine and every step in between. I have worked with other shapers in the past and have found Howie has been able to take my feedback and use it to improve the design of each board were as other shapers have been more inclined to just try a different model rather then improving the previous board. I am confident if I want a board shaped exactly the same he will be able too.

I look forward to refining my boards with Howie and keeping a good relationship in the future. WOOOOOH