Luke Bugg

Luke Bugg
Nick name : Buggy, Buggo ,Bugg man.
Lives : Clifton Beach, Tasmania.
Achievements : Tasmanian champion, Junior, Open and Senior mens divisions.
Interests : Surfing and Moto X.
Surf Spots : Wedge and The Points of Hobart.
Sponsors : O’neill, CHP by Howie surfboards, Dragon Eyewear, Creatures of Leisure Accessories.
Surfboards : Pro Pigme 5’5”, Bugg (my own model) 5’11”, 6’0” and Guns n Roses 6’3”.

A little bit about Buggy…
I got this phone call one day at my factory about 6 years ago ? when I was living in Victoria from this guy asking about sponsorship. I had always found it pretty hard to sponsor guys from just a phone call, so he told me who he had been getting boards from and why he wanted to change and so on and so on, as we continued to talk about boards and contest results and surf spots and surf trips this guy really grew on me, he reminded me of myself in a lot of ways. He was a straight shooter no lies no big noting himself and could pretty much talk a picture on how he liked his boards.
So I gave him a little deal and I think from memory made him 2 boards. Sent them down to him in Tassy and asked him to ride them and give me feedback as soon as he had figured the boards out.

So I get a phone call about a week or two later and it was Buggy frothing about his boards, saying how good they were and they were just what he wanted and ordered. He was stoked and then at the end of him frothing he said the only thing is that they are a little heavy and can I get them lighter.
So that has been the on going thing to get his boards lighter and stronger which we are achieving.
Buggy and I have formed a great working relationship with designing his boards and it all comes down to him being a good surfer and an even better communicator, he reckons every board he gets just gets better.
I can see Buggy being a good mate and the respect he shows me I show him back.
I owe a lot to Buggy and can see him surfing and coaching kids in Tassy for many years to come.