Good Times

Good Times

Designed to tear up 2-4ft Sydney beach breaks, the Good Times is a small wave high performance board. Similar in design to the Spider Pig but has less volume in the rail and slightly narrower outline allowing more response. Performance-oriented with tweaks to reflect the reality of the waves we’re surfing day to day - think, better surfing in worse waves. Get Howie to shape your Good Times slightly smaller, wider and a touch thicker than your normal board. Let the good times roll.


Tail Option

Howie recommends a Rounded Square tail for the 'Good Times' model, which comes as standard. However, if you prefer an alternate / specific tail shape, be sure to place your order via our CUSTOM ORDER FORM. Note: This model also performs well when ordered as: Swallow Tail : Fast down the line.

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Full in outline with less bump in the tail. Ride 2 inches smaller 1/4 wider and a 1/16 to 1/8 thicker than standard short board. Small wave high performance board which is closer to your standard short board in nose and tail width . This board caters for your step down or for someone wanting a little more area nose and tail.


The rail is low and soft carrying volume more on the deck than in the rail . This rail shape allows the surfer to carry volume with performance, smooth effortless rail penetration through turns and gliding over dead sections.


Deep single (under front foot) double concave with spiral vee out through the tail The deeper concave under the front foot lifts the middle of the board through those flatter fuller parts of the wave combining with the double and spiral vee to break up the water through your turns giving life under back foot.


Rocker low and subtle . Easy to catch waves on, floats over dead sections and easy riding.

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