The Killer Pigme is your go-to small wave groveller but will also perform in head-high perfect waves as well. Plenty of foam under the chest for stability, flotation and easy paddling coupled with soft forgiving rails for speed and drive through dead sections.

Every month we will be featuring a different model from our range,
this month we'd like to introduce you to the
Killer Pigme.

Great summer board, and something worth bringing on every trip.

Whether you are 90kg+ looking for a standard short board or under 90kg looking for a small wave performance board the Killer Pigme caters for all abilities.

Full rail, full body outline, low even balance rocker throughout with a moderate single concave deepest under front foot giving you an abundance of water flow, speed and response.

The Killer Pigme will have you suiting up no matter what the waves are doing.

HHowie recommends a Rounded Square tail for the 'Killer Pigme' model, which comes as standard. However, if you prefer an alternate / specific tail shape, be sure to place your order via our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.
Note: This model also performs well when ordered as: Swallow tail: Fast down the line.

Wider nose and not as wide in back half of board. Ride 2 to 3 inches smaller, 3/8 to 1/2 wider and 1/16 to 1/8 thicker. Good in smaller waves with wider front half of board but performance enhance back half. Business at the front party at the back.

Mid soft boxy. Less deck in the rail. Not as full in the rail allowing you to surf this board in larger dimensions with full performance rail to rail.

Deepish single concave 12 inch nose to 12 inch tail. Speed generator in small flat mushy waves.

Low yet flipped nose and tail. Long flat section for forward speed and tip and tail flipped to fit manoeuvres in tight curves on small waves.