A New Era for Howie Shapes.

There's a time and a place for everything and everyone. Everything that has come before will give way to that which is yet to come. That which was considered groundbreaking yesterday will soon be passé. It's cyclical, and it's unavoidable. Somehow however, the world keeps spinning and, due to natural selection, those of us who struggle and press themselves against the tide will soon have their day. A day which is long overdue for some and will be fleeting for most. Worthwhile nonetheless.

Here at Howie Shapes we are focused on supporting the next generation of youth, they're knocking down the door and their time is upon us ...make no mistake.

Welcome to a new era for Howie Shapes.

Howie Shapes has risen like a phoenix from the ashes with a totally new look.But anyone who is worth their salt knows, it's not how you look that counts's what you stand for, how you treat others and how you walk through this life.

@howieshapes is dedicated to supporting Surfing's youth, we want to disrupt the status quo and champion a revolution of change within the surfboard industry. By that we refer to the process that has been diluted for most when ordering a custom surfboard... Isn't it only right that you should work 'with' your shaper when ordering a custom?

Custom Order online or drop into the factory to start the process.

"Stand for Something - Ride Howie Shapes"