Howie Shapes is focused on providing a truly unique, custom experience for each and every customer who orders one of our surfboards.

This is something Howie is especially passionate about, it's what he most fondly remembers of his personal childhood experiences when it came to getting a brand new board.

I want to replicate the experience of ordering a new surfboard as a kid, back in those days there was no "just grab one off the rack mate".

It was always a custom order that you'd place in person with a master-craftsman.

It's this process that allows you to refine your boards over time, providing feedback and receiving it from your shaper.

So, next time you are considering updating your quiver or you have a upcoming trip planned, give it some thought and ask yourself "am I really getting what I want if I buy a stock model or a board off the rack?"

We promise you won't regret it!