The gun. Built for big waves when there’s a lot of water moving in the ocean. On days like these you want paddle power, stability and manoeuvrability, a la our Guns N Roses model. Howie designed this board to be able to take off on big waves as well as turn and avoid the lip with power, speed and flow. Sleek in outline more rocker than most lower rail but higher on the deck, once again built for big gnarly waves. This is an investment in the wave of your life. Be sure to talk to Howie about any particular waves you’ve got in mind.


Tail Option

Howie recommends a Pin tail for the 'Guns'n'Roses' model, which comes as standard. However, if you prefer an alternate / specific tail shape, be sure to place your order via our CUSTOM ORDER FORM. Note: This model also performs well when ordered as: Baby Swallow (Everything here is 'less is more'. Narrow tail blocks for more directional drive and control in big waves).

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Sharp in outline with centre point well forward. Elongating the outline in shape. The centre point being moved forward adjusts the wide point to be under your chest for paddle power and also volume distribution. The foam is where you need it and the sleek back half of the board is for bite and quick action in the bigger more powerful conditions.


Mid soft boxy. All the volume of the foam is further up on the deck towards the centre of the board than in the shape of the rail. This allows the rail to penetrate the water with ease while having flotation.


Very soft bottom contours allowing the board to be as forgiving as possible. Slight bow vee blending into a subtle roll through the middle of the board to a fla bottom in the back quarter of the board. As you have speed and power from bigger larger swells the bottom contours are gentle and more forgiving.


Curvy nose entry with longer curve through back half of the board. The curve in the nose allows for ease in take off down the face of the wave. Back half of the board allows you freedom to drive and arch with control.

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