Little Johnny

Little Johnny

Go from zero-to-hero with our “Little Johnny” model under your feet. The Little Johnny has all the response and speed any little ripper needs to punt for glory or destroy any section. A Sharp outline with a change of direction through the tail allows their little chicken legs to arc effortlessly off the bottom with total response and release; off the top, in the pocket or in the air. The bottom curve is a slight single to double concave with a subtle vee exiting off the tail built for maximum speed. The Little Johnny model makes every grom a winner!


Tail Option

Howie recommends a Round tail for the 'Little Johnny' model, which comes as standard. However, if you prefer an alternate / specific tail shape, be sure to place your order via our CUSTOM ORDER FORM. Note: This model also performs well when ordered as: Rounded Squash : Stable yet forgiving. Swallow Tail : Fast down the line.

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Narrow nose with a slight hip in the tail. Less outline in the water making front half of the board light and quick from rail to rail. Slight hip in the tail brakes the turn up when pivoting on the hip for a more release in and out of the turn.


Soft boxy, fuller rail with a soft tuck. Forgiving and free flowing.


Deep single concave under front foot blending through the tail with a slight double concave into spiral vee exiting through out the tail. Single concave under front foot keeps the board lite and forward flowing, double concave combining with spiral vee loads the board up in and out of turns for drive and release pivoting on that vee.


Nose has a bit of lift 12 inches back from nose . Tail rocker is lowish. Drive off back foot for power turns, light under front foot to skip through dead sections.

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