King Grom

King Grom

Little kids + little waves = big manoeuvres. For living proof, have a scroll through our Instagram. The King Grom model has a tight curved outline for maximum speed and response in small to mid-size waves 1ft-4ft. This board will have groms pushing their surfing and linking sections with increasing maturity. The rails are soft and low-volumed to cut through dead sections with ease paired with a nose to tail rocker that never fails to deliver speed. The bottom design has a deepish single to double concave for maximum velocity. Speed, response and ease of manoeuvrability are the main design features of the King Grom. Every grom with aspirations of turning pro should have this board in their quiver.


Tail Option

Howie recommends a Rounded Squash tail for the 'King Grom' model, which comes as standard. However, if you prefer an alternate / specific tail shape, be sure to place your order via our CUSTOM ORDER FORM. Note: This model also performs well when ordered as: Swallow Tail: Fast down the line.

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Wider nose area around front foot and slightly wider 12 inch in tail with smaller tail block. With the wider nose area this keeps the board stable same with in the tail . With the narrower tail block gives you the opportunity to pivot on the wider tail area to create more drive in and out of turns.


Soft mid boxy As this model is so fine we need to keep the foam in the rails , but not too much !


Deep single to double concave. The deep concave combining with the rocker work hand in hand in the small conditions.


Nose to tail rocker combining with deep concave. With curve in the bottom of this board and deep concave combining allows the board to fit into the small wave pockets whilst maintaining forward momentum from the straight lines caused by the concave.

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