King Grom

$ 770.00 AUD
Little kids + little waves = big manoeuvres. The King Grom model has a tight curved outline for maximum speed and response in small to mid-size waves 1ft-4ft. This board will have groms pushing their surfing and linking sections with increasing maturity. Every grom with aspirations of turning pro should have this board in their quiver. Note: Board spray / colour additional option, available as Custom Order only.
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Howie recommends a Rounded Squash tail for the 'King Grom' model, which comes as standard. However, if you prefer an alternate / specific tail shape, be sure to place your order via our CUSTOM ORDER FORM. Note: This model also performs well when ordered as: Swallow Tail: Fast down the line.
Standard Glassing - All of our stock boards come as Standard Glassing.

Epoxy: Quad axel deck patch plus 1 x 4oz S cloth layer on the deck with 1 x 4oz S cloth layer bottom.

PU: 1x 4oz layer deck patch plus 1 x 4oz layer deck and wrapping around underneath approx. 2 inches onto the bottom, with Polyester resin 1 x 4oz layer Bottom. (Fill out a Custom Order form if you prefer an alternative glassing option for PU)

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