Project 8

Project 8

The Project 8 is a combination of 2 board designs (Biggie Smalls & Bugg). It is designed for marginal to decent waves in the 0-4ft range, the result is a board that’s both lively and forgiving. Full in outline from nose-to-tail with good balance, the nose and tail are proportional to width and length. The nose rocker has a good amount of lift before coming into a flat section in between the feet with tail exit kick. There’s a fair bit of lift in the tail rocker to make the board lively under your feet for quick reaction in beach breaks. Rail shape is full in your hand and flattish across the deck carrying thickness through nose and tail giving this board bouncy in sloppy beach breaks. Bottom design combines with rocker to create life under your feet. Single concave running in from nose 6 inches back getting deeper under your chest and forming a bubble like sensation from front foot through to back foot with a little double starting in the back 3rd of the board to free the water up to unlock the suction of the single. Then single runs through and out the tail leaving curve on the edge-line to combine speed with manoeuvrability. This board is designed to react in beach breaks combining with speed and flow.


Tail Option

Howie recommends a Rounded Squash tail for the 'Project 8' model, which comes as standard. However, if you prefer an alternate / specific tail shape, be sure to place your order via our CUSTOM ORDER FORM. Note: This model also performs well when ordered as: Swallow tail: Fast down the line

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Fuller in the nose tip to 12 inches back narrower from 12 inches back to centre. Narrow from centre to 12 inches tail fuller in 12 inches back to tail. Benefits : By being fuller in tip to 12 inches back and tail to 12 inches give the board a more parallel look and takes curve out of the plan shape giving you a longer feel to the board.


Features :Mid to low soft boxy Benefits : A rounder rail with less edge forward creating less friction.Sharper edge under your back foot and around the tail for drive and hold.


Features : Single to double inside the single concave with a flat bottom exit. Benefits : Deepest point of concave forward under front foot to give a lighter more buoyant feeling with the double concave slight with a flat bottom exit for a smoother tail release.


Features : The rocker is a mid to high rocker but not from tip to tail. The rockers at 12 inches nose and tail are straighter with most of the curve being from 12 inches to tip and 12 inches to tail. Benefits : This gives the board a feel of pivoting more forward rather than the feel of driving off the tail.Light and directional off the front foot.

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